SCC Launches Accreditation Pilot for AI Management Systems

In an exciting follow-up to our previous announcement of an AI certification pilot, EY is the first conformity assessment body participating in this milestone for Responsible AI.

The full Press Release from SCC announcing this can be found below and link to the original SCC release can be found here.

If you would like to learn more about the pilot and why it is such a significant step, read our blog post here.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the greatest technological advances of our age, and its adoption in Canada has the potential to lead to extensive economic growth opportunities, increased productivity and better quality of life. However, to achieve these positive outcomes while mitigating potential harms, AI must be used responsibly and with proper oversight.

In partnership with Innovation, Science and Economic Development, we are excited to be moving forward with a first-of-its-kind pilot to define and test requirements for a conformity assessment program for AI management systems. Certification to national and international standards for AI management systems will allow organizations to prove their dedication to responsible use of AI, raising the confidence of customers and partners in their operations.

“Standardization is one of the main pillars of the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy,” says Chantal Guay, SCC CEO. “Standards and conformity assessment provide the assurance and trust that products and services meet all necessary requirements, which will help drive innovation and the adoption of novel AI technologies in support of this national strategy. This project will help us define the requirements for developing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving AI management systems.”

The first stage of the pilot will involve one conformity assessment body and one AI developer/user, assessing against the ISO 42001 (AIMS) draft standard requirements for AI management systems as well as the Algorithmic Impact Assessment (AIA) developed by Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. We will also be leveraging the added value of the certification schemes being developed by the Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute, which provide a research-based framework for key use cases.

We are pleased to announce that Ernst & Young LLP (EY Canada), will be the first conformity assessment body participating in this important initiative. They will play a key role in the standardization process by leveraging the AIMS draft standard to certify the management system of an AI developer/user. As they test the application of these requirements, SCC will oversee activities and progress to develop an effective accreditation program for conformity assessment bodies in the future.

“We’re proud to be participating in this pilot to showcase our dedication to trusted AI management systems,” says Cathy Cobey, EY Canada Canadian Technology Risk Leader. “Our purpose of building a better working world drives us to provide strategic insights and quality services that help build trust and confidence in advanced technology. We’re looking forward to working with SCC to expand our offerings to include an AI management system certification that will build confidence in AI in Canada and around the world.”

This pilot will be expanding to include more conformity assessment bodies and AI users starting in 2024. If your organization is interested in participating, reach out to Jacquelyn MacCoon at

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