Accelerating Responsible AI Adoption

Artificial Intelligence offers remarkable benefits but can also create significant new risks. The journey towards responsible AI is complex. The Responsible AI Institute is a global non-profit dedicated to equipping organizations and AI professionals with tools and knowledge to create, procure and deploy AI systems that are safe and trustworthy.

Harnessing the power of AI comes with great responsibility

Emerging regulations for AI systems, such as the EU AI Act and the Canada Data and AI Act, are planning financial penalties of up to 6% of revenue and even criminal punishment for non compliant systems. The New York City Law on Automated Employment Decision Tools carries a penalty up to $1,500 per violation, per user, per day. Organizations not thinking about responsible AI are acquiring technical debt and increasing the risk of doing business or to cause irreversible harm.

Independent assessments giving you a much needed responsible AI benchmark

The RAI Institute’s independent and accredited conformity assessments provide assurance that AI systems are aligned with existing and emerging internal policies, regulations, laws, best practices and standards for the responsible use of technology. Available as self assessments, independently delivered assessments, or as a certification delivered by accredited auditors, our assessments provide a well needed layer of trust and assurance for all stakeholders.

Working together for AI we can trust

The RAI Institute is a member-driven non-profit organization focused on supporting leading organizations and AI practitioners. By becoming a member, organizations have the unique opportunity to demonstrate their leadership, to enhance their responsible AI practices with proven tools, processes, and policies, and to join an engaged community defining the future of AI at the intersection of industry, civil society, academia and government.

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