OneTrust Joins Responsible Artificial Intelligence Institute


OneTrust partners with RAI Institute to contribute to its development of tangible governance tools for trustworthy, safe, and fair Artificial Intelligence.

The Responsible AI Institute welcomes OneTrust, a market-defining leader for trust intelligence, to its growing community of industry leading members. For over 5 years, OneTrust has led the market in privacy management software, with offerings designed to operationalize integrated risk management. As AI adoption accelerates, OneTrust recognizes responsible AI practices are critical for building trust and unlocking AI’s full potential across industries.

Last May, the Company introduced OneTrust AI Governance, a comprehensive solution designed to help organizations inventory, assess, and monitor the wide range of risks associated with AI. As organizations use AI and machine learning (ML) to process large amounts of data and drive innovation, AI Governance provides visibility and control over data used and risks generated by AI models. The end-to-end solution helps organizations to operationalize regulatory requirements for laws such as the EU AI Act and align with key industry frameworks such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) AI Risk Management Framework (RMF), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Framework for the Classification of AI Systems, and more.

“We’re delighted to welcome OneTrust as a member of the Responsible AI Institute,” said Alyssa Lefaivre Škopac, Head of Global Partnerships & Growth at Responsible AI Institute. “OneTrust’s governance solutions and deep expertise in privacy, security, and ethics will be invaluable in our collective work to shape the practices, policies and standards that enable AI for good across all sectors.”

“Responsible AI is not an option, but a necessity in today’s business landscape,” said Jisha Dymond, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer at OneTrust. “With OneTrust, organizations can not only observe the AI revolution, but also actively enable innovation. By implementing responsible AI practices, companies build trust with customers, regulators, and society at large, and facilitate a future where technology and human ingenuity converge to create unprecedented value. We look forward to partnering with RAI Institute as we continue to build a responsible AI future together.” 

This partnership with RAI Institute builds upon OneTrust’s commitment to ethical and safe AI deployment. Through its own expert-led OneTrust for AI Governance Masterclass webinar series, OneTrust enables compliance and technology professionals alike to mature their technology-driven AI compliance programs and foster responsible AI practices across their businesses.  

With forward-thinking organizations like OneTrust, Responsible AI Institute reinforces its position at the forefront of driving the responsible adoption of AI technologies in service of humanity. OneTrust’s membership underscores the Institute’s vital role in ensuring AI systems are developed and deployed in alignment with trustworthy values.

About the Responsible AI Institute

Founded in 2016, Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute) is a global and member-driven non-profit dedicated to enabling successful responsible AI efforts in organizations. We accelerate and simplify responsible AI adoption by providing our members with AI conformity assessments, benchmarks and certifications that are closely aligned with global standards and emerging regulations.

Members include leading companies such as Amazon Web Services, Boston Consulting Group, ATB Financial and many others dedicated to bringing responsible AI to all industry sectors.

About OneTrust 

OneTrust enables every organization to transform siloed compliance initiatives into world-class, coordinated trust programs with the category-defining Trust Intelligence Platform ®. Customers use OneTrust to build and demonstrate trust, measure and manage risk, and go beyond compliance. As trust has emerged as the ultimate enabler for innovation, OneTrust delivers the intelligence and automation organizations need to meet critical program goals across data privacy, responsible AI, security, ethics, and ESG.

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