Our AI Regulatory Tracker Has Officially Launched

The Responsible AI Institute (RAII) is excited to announce a new tool available exclusively for our valued members, our AI Regulatory Tracker!

Our AI Regulatory Tracker aggregates all the latest updates in artificial intelligence regulation around the world with concise analysis of what industries and populations they’ll impact and how. The tracker includes data on over eighty different regulations with a focus on jurisdictions in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and the E.U.

The world of responsible AI regulation is large and complex. In the last twelve months alone, dozens of laws have been proposed and discussed around the world. These AI laws have the potential to impact how uses of AI affect the lives of billions of people, from small business owners whose loans are denied by algorithms to Black people who are excluded from adequate medical care.

Staying up to date on these laws shouldn’t consume hours of your valuable time each week. That’s why we developed our new AI Regulatory Tracker that collects the latest proposed and enacted AI laws in one convenient location. Our team has analyzed the full suite of proposed and enacted regulations and spoken to experts around the globe to compile our research into today’s major AI laws into one easy-to-use tracker.

With this tool, you can check out the latest updates on over 80 regulations. You can filter your searches with ease using the following categories:

  • Region-Level: The location and level of the government proposing/enacting the regulation.
  • Jurisdiction/Organization: The government entity proposing/enacting the regulation.
  • Industry: The primary industries impacted by the regulation.
  • Proposed/Enacted: The current legislative status of the regulation.
  • Who is Covered: The group(s) covered under the regulation.

Our hope is that it will be a resource members return to frequently.

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