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How Standardizing AI Governance will Ensure Responsible AI Practices

This fireside chat discusses how organizations can prepare for the forthcoming regulations and how formalized standards and governance can support the safe adoption of AI.

We invited expert panelists, Christine Custis from Partnership on AI and Christian Troncosco from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to talk about the how regulations and standards are going to play a crucial role in determining the interoperability of AI systems and how they can guide businesses to mitigate risks when building, supplying and procuring AI systems (start video at 35:00).

Check out our RAISE recap here for more information on this fireside chat.

Meet Our Experts

In this fireside chat at our annual RAISE event, Ashley Casovan moderates the conversation with Christine Custis and Christian Troncosco.

RAI Institute

Ashley Casovan

Executive Director at the Responsible AI Institute

Partnership on AI

Christine Custis

Director of Programs and Research at Partnership on AI


Christian Troncosco

Principal of Global AI Policy at AWS

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