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Implications for Business: Canada's AI and Data Act

Since the Government of Canada tabled the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act (AIDA) in June 2022, as part of Bill C-27, individuals and organizations have had many questions about the proposed draft, including about its scope, its penalties, and how it will be supported by sectoral regulations

We brought on Carole Piovesan from INQ Law and Phil Dawson from Armilla AI to talk about the impact of AIDA and alignment with Canada's AI strategy, and how it is creating a new benchmark for best practices for businesses.

Check out our blog post on Canada's AIDA for more information.

Meet Our Experts

In this webinar, Ashley Casovan moderates the discussion with Carole Piovesan and Phil Dawson.

RAI Institute

Ashley Casovan

Executive Director of the Responsible AI Institute


Carole Piovesan

Managing Partner at INQ Law

Armilla AI

Phil Dawson

Head of Global Policy and Advisory at Armilla AI

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