Welcome SkyHive!- New Member Announcement

We are excited to announce our newest member: SkyHive!

SkyHive provides services essential for digital transformation: optimizing human economies. It is the global standard for responsible and scalable reskilling, which provides a future-proof workforce to its customers. This work has had a positive impact on under-represented groups where SkyHive aims to foster economic empowerment and give back to our community.

SkyHive’s products use AI-driven skills mapping to generate insights into an existing workforce to adapt for their evolving needs and future demands. They employ:

  1. Skills assessments to provide deep insights into an organization’s workforce efficiency.
  2. Adaptive workforce planning using market intelligence to identify evolving skills and gaps in workforce expertise.
  3. Learning management systems for a skills-first approach to optimize training and fill gaps identified in workforce planning.
  4. AI generated data to predict the best opportunities for under-utilized skills to provide possibilities for the workforce.
  5. Automated candidate sourcing to significantly expand a candidate pool and fill positions in real-time.

As a proud member of the Certified B Corporation®, SkyHive is intent on using business as a force for good. SkyHive’s ethical AI practices have gained recognition from OECD and the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI).

Human-centric AI system navigation and community driven assessments are at the core of The Responsible AI Institute’s mission. Our team is thrilled to work with SkyHive to build a responsible AI future together.

SkyHive’s press release announcing their RAII membership available here: https://www.skyhive.ai/press-release/skyhive-joins-responsible-artificial-intelligence-institute

To learn more about RAI Institute membership, click here.

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