Responsible AI Institute names IBM’s former Global Chief AI Officer Dr. Seth Dobrin as President

AUSTIN, Texas, November 9, 2022 ( – Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute), the leading non-profit dedicated to independent AI assessments and certification, today announced the appointment of Dr. Seth Dobrin as President and member of the Board of Directors.

As the demand for safe, fair, and trustworthy AI continues to grow across businesses and governments, this role will complement the efforts of Executive Director, Ashley Casovan in expanding market reach and member impact. Bringing significant business and AI practitioner experience, Dr. Dobrin will be focused on accelerating the adoption of responsible AI certification by working with industry to understand current business needs and challenges.

“My passion for the responsible implementation of AI is no secret, and I have been very impressed with the leadership and work done by The Responsible AI Institute to drive operationalization of responsible AI in a programmatic manner. I am thrilled to work with the RAI Institute Board, Ashley, and the team to make RAII’s assessments and certification as the de facto standard in building a better world with responsible and trustworthy AI.” said Seth Dobrin.

Most recently Dr. Dobrin was IBM’s first ever Global AI Officer where he led the charge for the implementation of human-centric responsible and trustworthy AI. His advocacy in this space has helped to shift both tech and non-tech companies alike to have a human-centric approach to the development and procurement of AI. Dr. Dobrin brings decades of experience in the field of automated decision making. He has personally led two fortune 500 companies towards adopting responsible AI practices as well as advised hundreds of the largest companies around the globe.

“The rapid advancement and deployment of AI is vastly outpacing business and government’s ability to provide appropriate oversight and governance to protect people and the planet. Adding Seth to our leadership team will allow us to significantly expand our market reach and impact while working with companies to shift industry behaviour,” said Ashley Casovan, Executive Director of the Responsible AI Institute.

Dr. Dobrin holds a PhD in Molecular and Statistical Genetics from Arizona State University.

About Responsible AI Institute

Responsible AI (RAI Institute) is a non-profit focused on helping organizations fast track their responsible AI journey by providing tools for organizations and AI practitioners to build, buy, and supply safe and trusted AI systems.

Founded in 2017 by University of Texas at Austin, USAA, Anthem, CognitiveScale and the Saxena Foundation, RAI Institute brings extensive experience in regulatory policies, data governance, and the development of trustworthy AI systems for industry and government. responsible AI tools have been among the first to demonstrate how to expand opportunities with AI while minimizing harm to people and the planet.

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