AI Responsibility Lab to join the RAI Institute as its newest member!

We are excited to announce our newest member:

The AI Responsibility Lab!

The AI Responsibility Lab (AIRL) is a software startup accelerating AI Safety. It is focused on high alpha, enterprise-ready solutions to improving AI outcomes for technology, capital, and humanity alike. It allows members to embed responsible AI across their whole organization, regardless of a company’s AI maturity level. This is made easy through one platform that can train employees and partners, reduce AI Risk, and automate meeting AI compliance requirements.

AIRL’s enterprise SaaS platform Mission Control platform integrates Responsible AI training, AI Risk Management, and AI Governance orchestration to drive fairness, explainability, and trust throughout the entire AI lifecycle. This automates Responsible AI transformation by:

  1. Enabling cross-functional teams to speak a common Responsible AI language.
  2. Automating testing and evaluation of data and model compliance with a central platform that unites AI Governance audits and full-lifecycle AI artifact inventory.
  3. Preventing AI Governance failures before they happen with no-code AI Governance orchestration with deep API integrations, inference, and automated workflows.
  4. Utilizing an AI Risk Management System that automatically unites cross-functional audits with AI artifact management.
  5. Running a distributed, cross-functional AI Governance framework audit to meet compliance requirements by standardizing and automating how datasets and models are scored for risk.

This helps leading industries reduce AI compliance costs, accelerate Responsible AI certification, and unlock the true value of their AI investments.

“The RAI Institute presents a truly special opportunity to unite the people, jurisdictions, and facilitators across the AI Governance Landscape.”, said Ramsay Brown, CEO of The AI Responsibility Lab. “2023 is the year to accelerate the interoperability and adoption of practices that drive AI trust. AIRL and I are proud to join Ashley and the RAII team in this mission.”

Preparing organizations to improve their AI maturity level to meet their compliance requirements is a huge part of what we do at the RAI Institute. Our organizational maturity assessments (OMA), system level assessments (SLA) remediation roadmaps and supplier maturity assessments (SMA) allow businesses to recognize where their standards need to improve to prepare for compliance. The AI Responsibility Lab’s mission to automate this process on one platform makes them the ideal RAI Institute member. We are thrilled to have them share their incredible product with our community to convert responsible AI investments more efficiently.

To learn more about RAI Institute membership, click here.

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