And the RAISE 2022 Award winners are…!

We’re thrilled to share the following winners of our RAISE Awards! Please follow their work and send them a note of congratulations on social media using #RAISE2022!

Leading Community Organization Award: Mila’s AI for Humanity Team

Leading Start-Up Award: SkyHive

Leading Individual Award: Elizabeth Adams, AI Ethics Advisor at Stanford HAI

Leading Enterprise Award: Jackson

Leading Community Organization Award

To recognize an outstanding nonprofit or academic organization that has had a meaningful impact in the responsible AI community through its research, initiatives, open-source projects, or partnerships.

Mila’s AI for Humanity Team

Socially responsible and beneficial development of artificial intelligence is a fundamental component of Mila’s mission. As a leader in the field, Mila hopes to contribute to social dialogue and the development of applications that will benefit society.

Leading Start-Up Award

To recognize an outstanding start-up organization that has made meaningful contributions to responsible AI through its work. This can include any organization that identifies as a start-up, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, launched within the last few years.


SkyHive’s mission is to democratize labor opportunities so we can all benefit from a more capable workforce and a more efficient global economy. SkyHive has built the world’s only Quantum Labor Analytics platform to optimize human economies in real time for companies, communities, and countries. Essential for digital transformation, our platform informs and benefits the entire job cycle from the individual worker to the corporation to the global economy.

“As one of the world’s first AI SaaS technologies, SkyHive has always focused on “being the bar” as it relates to the development of ethical AI, not simply “meeting the bar.” SkyHive’s mission as a B Corporation is topromote the best interests of the world economyby organizing the world’s workforce data and developing ethical, intelligent technologies that support the world’s transition to a dynamic, skill-based labor economy. Ethical and transparent AI is literally in our company’s DNA, and these principles and standards guide the products we choose to design, how we create products, how we talk about products, and how we monitor and educate on the products. As a result of these commitments, since 2017, we have evolved to become a global leader in Ethical AI. We could not be more enthusiastic about our partnership with the Responsible AI Institute and grateful for the recognition of this prestigious RAISE award. Now more than ever, ethics need to be front-and-center in developing new technologies, and SkyHive remains committed to being the bar at all times.” – Sean Hinton & Mohan Reddy

Leading Individual Award

To recognize an outstanding individual that has led meaningful work in the field of responsible AI.

Elizabeth Adams, AI Ethics Advisor at Stanford HAI

Elizabeth Adams is a technology integrator, working at the intersection of cyber security, AI ethics and AI governance, focused on ethical tech design. She is a member of the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems building global standards for AI Nudging & Emotion AI. Elizabeth has also affected change in the local Civic Tech & Tech Design Racial Equity framework in Minneapolis.

Leading Enterprise Award

To recognize an outstanding company or enterprise that has made meaningful contributions to responsible AI adoption, solutions, or research.


Jackson is committed to reducing the complexity of retirement planning. Their retirement products, financial know-how, history of award-winning service and streamlined experiences strive to reduce the confusion that complicates customer plans.

In Gratitude

Check out RAI Institute and NYC AI Summit social media to follow the buzz around RAISE 2022, and thank you everyone who nominated someone, voted, and participated in this process!

It’s been an honor and pleasure to recognize some of the amazing people in our community throughout this process and we’re looking forward to another year of raising the bar for Responsible AI together. Thanks for being a part of this journey.

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