Announcing the 2021 RAII Leadership Award Winners

As we are day over day, week over week, and throughout the years, we have been thrilled by the hard, tireless work displayed by the RAII community, and cannot thank each and every member enough for their work to advance trusted AI. We’re looking forward to the year ahead, and to growing are community even further with people just like each and every one of you. We’re so pleased to announce the winners of our annual awards program, but would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the work of the community as a whole. So again, thank you!

The Responsible AI Awards program acknowledges global technology innovators, leaders and visionaries who are pioneering and adopting responsible application of AI that supports RAII’s vision and mission. Awards were based on a variety of considerations, including innovation, design, and overall technological advancement aimed at bringing transparency, fairness and robustness to the hidden decision processing layers within algorithmic decisioning systems.

The 2021 Responsible AI Award winners include:

  • Corporate Leader Award: ATB Canada, for their real-life contributions towards the development of tangible AI Governance tools.
  • Partner Award: argodesign, for their outstanding work in designing websites and tools that promote the responsible use of AI.
  • Community Leader Award: Aurelie Jacquet and Suraj Madnani, for their co-chairing efforts of Responsible Lending & Collections Working Group.
  • Academic Leader Award: Michigan State University, for their work on the creation of tools that advance responsible AI.
  • Youth Leader Award: Colin Philips & Lucinda Nguyen, for their work on building of the Responsible AI Institute website and associated tools.
  • RAI Fellow Award: Lynne Guey, her efforts to advance the ethical procurement of AI systems.
  • Community Vote Award: Timnit Gebru, for her work to document the effect of artificial intelligence on marginalized groups through her work with the Distributed Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (DAIR) and Black in AI.
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