Managing Risks of GenAI

Join us April 17, 2024

@ 11 AM EST

Panel Discussion

As the boundaries of human and digital creation blur, GenAI is revolutionizing industries and improving productivity —but we have to be thoughtful about its pitfalls. In our webinar on Managing the Risks of Generative AI, we bring together leading experts to discuss the strategies needed to navigate the complex landscape of GenAI, deepfakes, voice cloning, digital likenesses, and beyond.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding the power and potential of GenAI technologies
  • Establishing effective guardrails for responsible GenAI use in your organization
  • Gaining a competitive edge by leveraging GenAI responsibly
  • Protecting your organization from deepfakes
  • Insights into the future of GenAI and its potential impact on various industries

Whether you’re a business leader, AI practitioner, or simply curious about the future of GenAI, this event will help you navigate the opportunities and challenges of GenAI.