RAII Announces RAISE 2021: The Premier Conference for Trusted AI Professionals

AUSTIN, Texas, October 12, 2021 (Newswire.com) – Responsible AI Institute (RAI), the leading non-profit dedicated to advancing responsible AI from principles to practice through independent AI assessments, ratings and certifications, today announced that its RAISE 2021 annual conference will be held on Oct. 22, 2021, in Austin, Texas.

The event will bring together Business and Technology leaders, Board members, Advisors, Community members, and RAI Partners with AI professionals from leading global organizations to dive into the latest innovations in design, tools, and methods for automated responsible AI governance and control.

“RAISE 2021 will be an opportunity to showcase the significant progress made by the Responsible AI Institute, its members, and partners to ensure that AI systems are designed, developed, and deployed in a trustworthy manner,” said Ashley Casovan, Executive Director, Responsible AI Institute. “Together, we have developed a comprehensive and innovative program featuring human-centric design, policy-based governance tools, methods, ratings, and certifications to help those designing and deploying AI systems — whether they are just getting going with AI or have significant experience with implementing AI.”

The full-day RAISE 2021 Conference will feature live demonstrations of successful implementations of automated responsible AI systems, keynote speeches by leaders representing globally recognized brands, and panel discussions from industry and academic leaders. Other topics will include:

  • Building AI that benefits humanity through independent ratings and certification
  • Lessons learned in transforming healthcare with responsible AI
  • The great convergence of roles in enterprise AI across IT, Risk, and Compliance
  • Enabling the next generation of leaders through university partnerships
  • Moving responsible AI from principles to practice through human-centric AI design
  • Industry showcase featuring demonstrations of responsible AI systems

Attendees will hear from thought leaders and RAI leadership on the latest trends and innovation, and on techniques to overcome today’s business and technical challenges. Attendees will walk away with practical skills and concepts that can be used to shape a company’s responsible AI strategy and roll-out programs.

About Responsible AI Institute

Responsible AI Institute (RAI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on community-driven development of tangible governance tools and services that advance responsible AI from principles to practice.

Founded in 2017 by UT Austin, USAA, Anthem, CognitiveScale and the Saxena Foundation, RAI (pronounced as “ray”) brings extensive experience in regulatory policies, data governance, and the development of trustworthy AI systems for industry and government. RAI tools have been among the first to demonstrate how to expand opportunities with AI while minimizing harm to people and the planet.

Visit www.responsible.ai for more information and to join our efforts.

Follow us on Twitter @responsibleAI, Instagram @responsible.ai, and on LinkedIn.

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