Responsible AI Institute Appoints Jeff Easley as General Manager

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Leading AI Nonprofit Announces Additional Advancements on Policy and Delivery Team

AUSTIN, TEXAS – May 15, 2024 – Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute), a prominent non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating the responsible use of AI worldwide, today announced the appointment of Jeff Easley as its new general manager. The Institute also thanked Var Shankar, its outgoing executive director, for his leadership, accomplishments and commitment to the Institute over his nearly three years with the team.

Easley is a senior executive with significant experience at Goldman Sachs, USAA and PwC in governance risk compliance (GRC) transformation and product development. His mission at RAI Institute will be to drive member value through assessments, benchmarks and certification programs, including the Responsible AI Hub, which is a comprehensive online portal for individual and corporate members.

“As a seasoned technology leader, Jeff is well-positioned to deliver value to our members as they navigate game changing developments in AI and regulation,” said Manoj Saxena, founder and chairman of RAI Institute. “We are confident that Jeff’s strategic vision and extensive operational experience will propel the Institute to new heights as we continue to advance responsible AI efforts globally. We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to Var Shankar for his contributions and dedication to the Institute.”

Jeff brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in product leadership and team-building from his distinguished career at leading organizations. His expertise in GRC transformation, product development and program management align seamlessly with the Institute’s mission to convert responsible AI principles into practice. Notably, Jeff’s accomplishments include pioneering transformative digital products, such as the industry’s first digital check deposit service and resolving high-risk operational discrepancies using machine learning and natural language processing.

“Fostering a culture of responsible innovation is key to unlocking the full potential of AI while proactively addressing societal concerns,” said Jeff Easley, General Manager of Responsible AI Institute. “I’m excited to work alongside our esteemed member organizations to cultivate best practices and share knowledge that will shape the future of responsible AI adoption.”

RAI Institute has also appointed Hadassah Drukarch as director of policy and delivery and Sabrina Shih as AI integration lead, highlighting their roles as instrumental contributors for understanding and shaping AI policies. These strategic team advancements are a testament to Drukarch’s and Shih’s commitment to enabling RAI Institute members to accelerate and improve their responsible AI efforts.

The RAI Institute team remains steadfast in facilitating the responsible use of AI globally and looks forward to the invaluable contributions of Easley, Drukarch and Shih in their new roles.

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About Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute)

Founded in 2016, Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute) is a global and member-driven non-profit dedicated to enabling successful responsible AI efforts in organizations. We accelerate and simplify responsible AI adoption by providing our members with AI conformity assessments, benchmarks and certifications that are closely aligned with global standards and emerging regulations.

Members include leading companies such as Amazon Web Services, Boston Consulting Group, ATB Financial and many others dedicated to bringing responsible AI to all industry sectors.

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