Responsible AI Institute Marks Q4 2023 with New Members and 400% Yearly Growth

Leading Companies Simplify Responsible AI Operationalization with Institute’s Resources and Tools for Building and Buying AI Systems 

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Jan. 17, 2024 – Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute), a prominent non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating the responsible use of AI worldwide, has announced that Booz Allen and Spark92 have joined the Institute as members. RAI Institute also shared significant expansion and innovation milestones it achieved throughout 2023, including over 400% membership growth, the launch of its first three Responsible AI Safety and Effectiveness (RAISE) Benchmarks to help companies simplify and enhance the integrity of building and buying AI solutions, and the inaugural Consortium on generative AI in healthcare. Industry awareness of responsible AI spiked during the fourth quarter of 2023, driven by progress on landmark policies such as the European Union AI Act, The White House Executive Order on Trustworthy AI and the U.K. AI Safety Summit. 

“In 2023, we made substantial progress in expanding our global influence in responsible AI adoption and we’re delighted to welcome Booz Allen and Spark92 as our newest members,” stated Manoj Saxena, founder and executive chairman of the Responsible AI Institute. “Every new member significantly advances global responsible AI efforts, offering fresh insights to our mission of simplifying ethical AI development and acquisition in line with evolving policies and regulations.”

RAI Institute’s Newest Members From Q4 2023

Booz Allen

“We have been closely following the Responsible AI Institute’s work for more than a year and they are one of the very few organizations in the field that’s pushing us forward in practical, tangible and useful ways,” said Geoff Schaefer, head of responsible AI at Booz Allen. “Their insights and innovation will be critical as we, collectively, work to ensure that we protect the promise of AI. To that end, we could not be more proud to join them as a member.”

Booz Allen provides management and technology consulting and engineering services to leading Fortune 500 corporations, governments and not-for-profits across the globe. Trusted to transform missions with the power of tomorrow’s technologies, Booz Allen advances the nation’s most critical civil, defense and national security priorities.

Spark92 | Channel Member

“The Responsible AI Institute has become a leading voice on this incredibly important topic. We’re looking forward to partnering with RAI Institute to help clients, as well as broader society, benefit from the responsible implementation of AI advancements,” said Ben Sylvester, CEO at Spark92.

Spark92 combines their vast experience and operational approach to go beyond the surface and leverage private equity-grade data and analytics solutions to help partners unlock value. Enabled by a team of data scientists, data engineers, cloud architects and digital experts, Spark92 harnesses their expertise to support accelerated transformation and growth.

A Momentous Year and Promising Future for RAI Institute and its Members

In 2023, RAI Institute led critical global conversations and projects, uniting academia, policy makers, regulators, industry and civil society, and launched accessible tools to boost the implementation of responsible AI practices in AI development and the acquisition of AI-driven products. Among the key milestones, the organization: 

In 2024, Institute members will have access to an enhanced suite of tools and resources for responsible AI assessments, benchmarks and certifications tailored to both classic and generative AI systems. These offerings, driven by our community, will align with international policies, frameworks and regulations, such as the NIST AI Risk Management Framework and the EU AI Act.

“In 2023, the RAI Institute team achieved significant milestones, sharing leading practices across sectors and introducing pioneering tools for responsible generative AI. We’ve played an important role in convening policymakers, practitioners, researchers and standard-setters. We are particularly excited about our work on the Consortium on Generative AI and the launch of our RAISE Benchmarks,” said Var Shankar, Executive Director of the Responsible AI Institute. “As we enter 2024, our members can anticipate enhanced tools for skills and capacity development and RAISE benchmarks that are closely aligned with global standards and emerging regulations.”

Accelerate Your Responsible AI Journey with RAI Institute

Backed by its members and a widespread community of over 23,000 practitioners, the RAI Institute is a key influencer in actively promoting the integration of responsible AI in organizations. In cooperation with leading global firms, universities, AI technology providers, policy makers and regulators and standard-setters at NIST, ISO and OECD, the Institute establishes practical approaches and tools for the responsible and ethical adoption of both traditional and generative AI technologies.

RAI Institute members gain exclusive access to:

  • Valuable resources: RAI members have access to a range of tools and resources through our Responsible AI testbed. This includes educational modules, AI assessments, benchmarking tools, certifications, and networking, all focused on enhancing AI’s quality, accountability, and trust.
  • Insights for responsible AI practices: Members gain insights on how to mitigate AI risks and guidance on operationalizing responsible AI principles through member contributed use cases and notebooks, datasets, models, metrics and sample documentation.
  • Alignment with evolving standards: With over 800 global AI regulations, standards, and policies underway, membership ensures that your organization is consistently aligned with emerging global and local standards, including ISO/IEC 42001 and NIST AI RMF, facilitating effective compliance and adaptation to regulatory shifts.
  • Global network of experts: Becoming a member also allows companies to engage and work with thousands of professionals, practitioners and global experts in responsible AI facilitating the exchange of best practices and staying informed on industry advancements. 
  • Contribution to responsible AI ecosystem: Engagement with the Responsible AI Institute not only demonstrates your commitment to ethical AI practices to your stakeholders but also actively contributes to shaping a responsible AI ecosystem, influencing global standards in AI governance and innovation.

About Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute)

Founded in 2016, Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute) is a global and member-driven non-profit dedicated to enabling successful responsible AI efforts in organizations. We accelerate and simplify responsible AI adoption by providing our members with AI conformity assessments, benchmarks and certifications that are closely aligned with global standards and emerging regulations.

Members include leading companies such as Amazon Web Services, Boston Consulting Group, ATB Financial and many others dedicated to bringing responsible AI to all industry sectors.

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