The RAI Institute welcomes Credo AI as its newest member

Join us in welcoming Credo AI as the newest member of the RAI Institute!

Like the RAI Institute, Credo AI understands that while AI system design and development continues to accelerate rapidly, it can be challenging to ensure that the AI systems you build, buy, or use are safe, effective, and compliant with the growing number of regulations and standards (like the EU AI Act and NIST Risk Management Framework), which detail their responsible use. This is why Credo AI has built an out-of-the-box, policy-to-code AI Governance Platform to help developers and businesses better track, manage, and mitigate risks and maximize return on investment at every stage of the AI lifecycle.

Credo AI’s inimitable work to create the leading AI governance platform for AI designers and developers to develop Responsible AI at scale makes them an ideal partner for RAI Institute. Credo AI has been recognized as a CBInsights AI 100, Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Fast Company’s Next Big Thing in Tech, and a top Intelligent App 40 by Madrona, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and Pitchbook.

Credo AI’s comprehensive platform allows users to easily implement AI oversight and governance frameworks, integrate the latest regulatory developments into ML models and automated business operations, and assess and manage risk and compliance of third-party AI products. The platform includes,

  • AI registries, where all projects can be viewed in a centralized library with top-down visibility into risk and impact;
  • Policy packs, based on current paradigms on AI governance, that can be adapted to align with organizational values and leveraged for AI assurance evaluations;
  • Risk dashboards, which translate technical metadata into operational risks insights; and
  • Assurance reports, generated using business metadata, which can be used to communicate AI risks and benefits to key stakeholders.

“It is important that safe, scalable AI be a reality for all AI developers and designers – including Global 2000s, SMBs, and startups. The Credo AI Responsible AI Governance Platform is the intelligence layer for AI projects across an organization. We make Responsible AI accessible, and are thrilled to announce our partnership with Responsible AI Institute, whose preeminent work in the standards space – particularly on conformity assessments and certifications for AI systems – continues to support practitioners as they navigate the complex landscape of AI products. We are excited to do great and paramount work together!” – Navrina Singh, Founder and CEO, Credo AI

Credo AI has been recognized as a 2022 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and named a “key responsible AI governance platform” by the International Data Corporation, and Founder and CEO Navrina Singh serves on the National AI Advisory Committee (NAIAC), tasked with advising President Joe Biden and the National AI Initiative Office on topics related to the National AI Initiative. .

“The AI regulatory landscape is constantly evolving, and it can be difficult to navigate and keep up with, especially as a small business. Organizations like Credo AI are critical to fostering the organic growth of responsible AI across emerging markets that meet the needs of designers, buyers, sellers, and consumers as well as regulators. Credo AI is conducting invaluable work, and we are thrilled to be pioneering responsible AI together.” – Alyssa Lefaivre Škopac, Acting Executive Director, RAI Institute

About The RAI Institute

The Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute) is a global and member-driven non-profit dedicated to enabling successful responsible AI efforts in organizations. The RAI Institute’s conformity assessments and certifications for AI systems support practitioners as they navigate the complex landscape of AI products.

About Credo AI

Credo AI is on a mission to empower organizations to responsibly build, adopt, procure and use AI at scale. Credo AI’s pioneering SaaS AI governance platform helps enterprises from Global 2000s to startups measure, monitor and manage AI risks, while ensuring compliance with emerging global regulations and standards, like the EU AI Act, NIST, ISO. Founded in 2020, Credo AI has been recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum and recently named to the CBInsights AI 100 list, Fast Company’s Next Big Thing in Tech and Intelligent Applications Top 40 by Madrona, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and Pitchbook. To learn more, visit:

Media Contact

For all media inquiries please refer to Head of Marketing & Engagement, Nicole McCaffrey

+1 440.785.3588

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