What’s in a Name? AI Global is Now Responsible AI Institute (RAII)

New name, new branding, newly restored conviction in our message. Introducing Responsible AI Institute, or RAI.

Over the past five years, AI Global has become an independent nonprofit focused on building and distributing tangible governance tools that accelerate the design, development and use of Responsible AI, which will ultimately lead to the RAI Certification, the world’s first independent, accredited AI certification mark, now in beta mode. We’ve worked alongside the brilliant members of our community to develop our toolkit, and have grounded ourselves in the conviction that AI should be credible and trustworthy, safe and reliable, inclusive and unbiased. Above all, AI systems need to be accountable.

“I think we already were, without knowing it, intentionally moving towards RAI.”

– Ashley Caovan, Executive Director, Responsible AI Institue.

Now, RAI (pronounced ray) is taking the step to rename ourselves and center our mission with our name. “I think we already were, without knowing it, intentionally moving towards RAI, ” says Ashley Casovan, Executive Director, RAI. “All of our tools don the name ‘Responsible AI Portal’, ‘Responsible AI Design Assistant’, and now we can, as an organization, catch up to our products.”

Anatomy of a name.

We chose to highlight “Responsible AI”, and it creates a tighter alignment with our mission, goals and objectives to develop fair, balanced, and inclusive AI systems. The word “Institute” fully addresses the needs of all collections of members across sectors– we serve our community members in the public, private, nonprofit and academic sectors alike, and can better communicate that as an Institution which guides all members on their journey to responsible AI. Altogether, Responsible AI Institute was adopted and championed for the needs of the AI ecosystem.

With a new name, comes a new look. Our refreshed logo, designed by fishbowl design, manifests our key value around guardrails for fair and unbiased AI. The obvious equals sign serves as a reminder to our core mission, but also doubles as a representation of the guardrails that we provide to practitioners to protect us from biased, untrustworthy systems. We look at them as a reminder to our mission, to advance trusted AI with the guardrails set in place by the greater community of leading changemakers.

“The best way I can describe my commitment to responsible AI is equal parts hope and equal parts fear,” says Manoj Saxena, Board Chair of RAI. “It’s not enough to invent technology, but it is, I believe, our duty to put guardrails around the technology so we can benefit from it properly. RAI is driven by the desire and the duty to help society and mankind harness the power of this powerful technology in a responsible and positive way.”

We’re excited for this new chapter, and are now looking to you, our community, to help expand our mission.

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