The Responsible AI Institute Welcomes Innovative New Members in Q3

This year’s third quarter has presented us with exciting opportunities to partner with innovative new members. With expertise ranging from petrochemicals to digital workplaces, our members are using responsible AI to enhance how we connect, how we work, and how we protect ourselves and our planet. As global regulations surrounding AI continue to evolve, we are proud to use our platform to amplify the voices of organizations dedicated to advancing responsible AI. Join us in welcoming these companies to our community!


“We aim to be the leader in driving the future of energy with AI, and we will do that responsibly. Joining the Responsible AI Institute is another step we’re taking to safeguard human values with this transformative technology.” – Bill Braun, Chief Information Officer, Chevron

Credo AI

“It is important that safe, scalable AI be a reality for all AI developers and designers – including Global 2000s, SMBs, and startups. The Credo AI Responsible AI Governance Platform is the intelligence layer for AI projects across an organization. We make Responsible AI accessible, and are thrilled to announce our partnership with Responsible AI Institute, whose preeminent work in the standards space – particularly on conformity assessments and certifications for AI systems – continues to support practitioners as they navigate the complex landscape of AI products. We are excited to do great and paramount work together!” – Navrina Singh, Founder and CEO, Credo AI


“We are proud to join the RAI Institute and its community of international thinkers leading the conversation on responsible AI. Guided by our social purpose, we are proud to use our technology, capabilities and leadership in responsible data use, to help build trust in our digital world, and ensure we realize the good that responsible AI can enable.” – Pam Snively, Chief Data & Trust Officer, TELUS


“We use AI at Samsara to deliver outcomes that enhance the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of our customers’ operations. As an IoT leader of operational data serving industries that represent over 40% of global GDP and hundreds of millions of frontline workers, we care deeply about responsible innovation when it comes to our products. That’s why we are thrilled to join the RAI Institute as we continue to think critically about the AI technology we design and build for customers who power the global economy.” – Lawrence Schoeb, Senior Director, Legal & Data Protection Officer, Samsara


“We’re thrilled about the potential of AI, especially recent breakthroughs in large language models enabling us to serve our users and customers. With advanced AI technologies, we see the opportunity to expand and extend our platform to help employees find the right information, answers to their questions, synthesize their inferred feedback, and last but not least—deliver delightful, engaging experiences. The decision to join the Responsible AI Institute’s global movement was an easy one, as it aligns with our commitment to empower responsible AI efforts that positively impact employees, workplaces, and society at large.” – Parag Kulkarni, Chief

Technology Officer, Simpplr

Become a Member

The RAI Institute invites new members to join us in driving innovation and advancing responsible AI. Collaborating with esteemed organizations like those mentioned, we develop practical approaches to mitigate AI-related risks and foster the growth of responsible AI practices. Explore membership options here.

About the RAI Institute

The Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute) is a global and member-driven non-profit dedicated to enabling successful responsible AI efforts in organizations. The RAI Institute’s conformity assessments and certifications for AI systems support practitioners as they navigate the complex landscape of AI products.

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