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Establish Your Responsible AI Foundation with Our Policy Template

The Responsible AI Institute’s AI Policy Template helps organizations build a comprehensive framework to guide AI development, procurement, supply, and use.

Use this template to: 

  • Develop AI policy elements grounded in ethical principles to mitigate risks, build trust, and drive innovation
  • Operationalize leading standards and guidance like ISO/IEC 42001 and NIST AI Risk Management Framework
  • Customize an AI policy to fit your organization’s unique context, values, and AI use cases

Essential components include:

  • Governance for accountability and oversight
  • Data management for privacy, fairness, and transparency
  • Risk management to identify, measure, and treat AI impacts
  • Lifecycle project management to embed responsibility
  • Procurement and documentation to manage requirements

Developed by the Responsible AI Institute, reflecting sound practices and expertise to accelerate responsible AI maturity.

Start your responsible AI journey on a solid foundation. Download the AI Policy Template today.

Download "AI Policy Template: Build Your Foundational Organizational AI Policy"

Responsible AI Institute - AI Policy Template

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