RAI Certification

The world’s first independent, accredited certification program of its kind.
Developed under the Global AI Action Alliance for the World Economic
Forum (WEF), along with a diverse community of leading experts, RAI
certification is based on objective assessments of fairness, bias,
explainability, and other concrete metrics of responsibly built AI
systems. The Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society
(SRI) at University of Toronto is serving as a business partner on the
development phase of the initiative.


Why RAI Certification?

Certification of AI Systems
Our certification program looks comprehensively across the data,
systems, and the context which the AI system are being used.

Build on existing frameworks and regulations
Provide a practical and unified framework that translates across
already-existing work from the industry. We are not trying to
re-inventing the wheel.

Assessments specific to system type
Assessment criteria will be customized based on the type of AI system
being assessed (e.g., Intelligent process automation, Image & Object
recognition, Text & Speech Analysis, Advanced data analytics, NLP &
content creation)

Assessments specific to domain and region
In order to have meaningful substance, assessment criteria will also
cover specific application domains (e.g., credit & collections,
healthcare diagnostics, etc.), and regions.

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RAI Certification Beta areas
of focus

Fair Lending

Fraud Detection

Automated Diagnosis and Treatment

Health recommendation systems

Automated Hiring

Join a RAI Certification Working Group

Recognizing that a project of this magnitude needs to be built by the community for the benefit of the community, we launched the RAI Certification Working Group December 2020 with WEF and SRI. Following the kick-off, we had an outpouring of support and interest in this work which led to numerous discussions with technical, data, governance, ethics, and industry experts. As such, we’ve created not one, but five working groups based on our areas of focus: Fair Lending, Fraud Detection, Automated Diagnosis and Treatment, and Automated Hiring.

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