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Why RAII Certification?

As part of our RAII Certification Framework, we're excited to share three public documents that provide insight into RAII’s approach and work thus far at the forefront of responsible AI certification.

  • RAII Whitepaper - Provides an overview of the RAII Certification Program. It also describes the RAII Certification Program's alignment with AI laws, regulations, principles, research, and practitioner insights, RAII's initial focus industries and functions, and the involvement of the RAII community.

  • RAII Certification Guidebook - Offers background and requirements for the RAII Certification Program, RAII processes for development, amendment, and governance, and organization- and auditor-specific information related to certification and recertification.

  • RAII Certification Program Scheme Document Sample - Illustrates the rationale and intent behind a selection of eight questions from our broader RAII Certification Assessment Program Scheme Document, which contains the 89 scored assessment questions of the RAII Certification Assessment. This sample features questions from each of RAII’s Implementation Dimensions.

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Benefits of Our Certification Process

  • Sets a clear bar for best practices in implementing AI responsibly, enabling compliance with global regulations.
  • Offers businesses the assurance that your AI systems are built on recognized global best practices.
  • Gives consumers the comfort of knowing that your rights, privacy, and civil liberties are protected.

While AI systems are becoming increasingly prevalent, governments, companies, and civil society organizations are grappling with how to govern them. Meanwhile, recent research has suggested that certification programs for AI could serve as a critical complement to laws and regulations. To meet this need, RAII has pioneered its RAII Certification Beta based on extensive research into global responsible AI principles, frameworks, and practices.

RAII Certification Beta

The world’s first independent, accredited certification program of its kind.

Developed under the Global AI Action Alliance for the World Economic Forum (WEF), along with a diverse community of leading experts, RAII Certification is based on objective assessments of fairness, bias, explainability, and other concrete metrics of responsibly built AI systems.

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Join a RAII Certification Working Group

Recognizing that a project of this magnitude must be built by and for the community, we launched the RAII Certification Working Group in December 2020 with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society (SRI).

Following the kick-off, RAII received an outpouring of interest in our work and led discussions with many technical, data, governance, ethics, and industry experts. As such, we’ve created and held not one, but five working groups based on our areas of focus: Fair Lending, Fraud Detection, Automated Diagnosis and Treatment, and Automated Hiring.

Insights from practitioners and researchers in our RAII's working groups are key to calibrating our global RAII Implementation Framework to specific use cases. Get in touch with us to join a RAII Working Group today and be a part of the discussion.