Congratulations, Ashley Casovan, on being named AIConics Innovator of the Year: Solution Provider!

And the AIConics Innovator of the Year Award: Solution Provider goes to… Ashley Casovan!

The AI Innovator of the Year awards are a benchmark for industry excellence, and we’re so thrilled that Ashley has won for her work leading the Responsible AI Institute.

“Winning AI Innovator of the Year was a complete surprise and honour given the great work of all the other nominee,” says Ashley.

“Receiving recognition for work in responsible AI is a demonstration of growing awareness and importance of this topic. The significant need in the space and support from our amazing community and members continues to drive this critical work!”

In the last year, Ashley and team have worked hard to move the RAI Certification through the accreditation process with the Standards Council of Canada, and we’re excited for what’s to come under Ashley’s leadership.

Her nomination for this award from The AI Summit New York reads, “It is rare to see a non-profit organization set to impact an industry as much as Ashley and team are primed to impact the AI world to help AI provide better, fairer, and more inclusive outcomes.”

Congratulations Ashley and to all the other nominees for their phenomenal contributions of breakthrough innovation and cutting-edge application of AI in business!

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