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The Journey to Responsible AI Begins Here

RAII is defining responsible AI with an independent, authoritative certification program, and practical guidance on data rights, privacy, security, explainability, and fairness in AI systems. No matter where you are on your AI journey, our programs and services can help. From network, educate, assess, and certify, we have you covered.

What RAII Offers You

By partnering with stakeholders in government, industry, civil society, and academia, the Responsible AI Institute (RAII) is working to define responsible AI (rAI) with practical scalable tools and expert guidance on putting principles into practice. In addition to offering rAI consulting services and more, we primarily do so by pioneering our first-of-its-kind global responsible AI certification. When those who design or deploy AI systems follow RAII’s Framework, we all benefit.

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Benefits of Working with RAII

  • Investors, executives, and compliance/procurement officers are assured that their AI systems are compliant, cost-effective, and built on recognized global best practices
  • Consumers can have peace of mind knowing their civil liberties and privacy rights are protected
  • Regulators can rely on RAII’s conformity assessments to enable compliance and alignment with their regulatory approaches

Open-Source Assets & Tools

Responsible AI Community Portal

Check out our open-source resource hub providing access to responsible AI (rAI) standards, government policies, open datasets, and open-source software.

Responsible AI Industry Heat Map

Everyone is talking about AI, but how and where is it actually being used?

Our Heat Map provides real-time examples of where AI is currently in use, including where it’s been harmful and helpful. Cases are updated regularly and found from various sources such as Awful AI, Upturn, Equal AI, and Charlie Pownall/CPC & Associates.

Responsible AI E-Learning Courses with TIQ Software

We worked with TIQ, a leader in work-integrated digital learning software, to design a course to answer all the basic questions you may have about Responsible AI 101.

Responsible AI Design Assistant (Under Repair)

Our Design Assistant helps you assess your AI development while it’s a work in progress. Using this tool, you can optimally design your system in alignment with global rAI standards and best practices.

Responsible AI Webinar Series

Learn more about AI from key AI subject matter experts! Our Webinar Series offers presentations from experts based on the latest developments in the world of AI and data science. At each webinar, you’ll also get an opportunity to network with both attendees and presenters of the RAII community.

Our RAII Members get access to custom policy and governance support, education, and calibrated recommendations to help you:

- Remain compliant and reduce your business liability: As you know, AI systems can cause harm to people and result in financial and reputational damage, yet this doesn’t have to be the case.

- Harness the value of AI: Often, there is a lack of alignment between policy and governance, slowing down your time-to-AI value.

- Stay up to date: Many of our members previously reported having trouble keeping up with the most recent AI best practices and regulations.

- Know what you’re buying: With RAII’s support, you don’t have to fear the common risks of procuring an AI system or dealing with vendors.