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If you manage a team, you know how difficult it is to explain how Artificial Intelligence works and could affect their jobs. Many employers struggle to either understand or define the basics of AI, how it might affect routine workflows, and what it means to implement AI responsibly.

Between 2015 and 2019, there has been a 270% increase in enterprise AI adoption, more than 37% of organizations have adopted AI in the workplace, and 80% of emerging technologies will have AI foundations by the end of 2021. With an estimated contribution of $15 trillion to the global economy by 2030, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay.

Law enforcement, media, finance, health care and many other industries are already using Artificial intelligence. But a basic understanding of AI is hard to come by.

To solve these challenges, Responsible AI and TIQ Software are excited to announce AI Fundamentals—an interactive AI orientation course that’s free for individuals and teams.

We’re excited to be working with TIQ Software to bring responsible AI tools and practices to the public. The problem is that early uses of AI have demonstrated that without responsible and thoughtful development it can be biased, insecure, and doesn’t comply with existing laws. Responsible AI needs to be today and tomorrow’s AI. This online course, among our other initiatives, will help make that a reality.”

Ashley Casovan, Responsible AI Institute

Get Started with TIQ Software

If you are an existing TIQ customer, get in touch to add AI Fundamentals to your course offerings for free. New customers can sign up for a TIQ business account and assign as many free licenses to their organization as they need. It’s free to get started.

“We need to ensure that technology supports our daily lives, and that AI-based initiatives are created ethically and responsibly. AI should make everyone’s life better. By partnering with Responsible AI, we’re excited to deliver a critically needed course to everyone at no cost.”

-Jason Suriano, Founder & CEO TIQ Software

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