RAI Institute Welcomes New Member- FAIRLY!

We are excited to announce our newest member: Fairly AI!

FAIRLY is an award-winning on-demand AI Audit platform on a mission to accelerate the broad use of fair and responsible AI by helping organizations bring safer AI models to market. FAIRLY bridges the gap in AI oversight by making it easy to apply policies and controls early in the development process and adhere to them throughout the entire model lifecycle. Their automation platform decreases subjectivity, giving technical and non-technical users the tools needed to meet and audit policy requirements while providing all stakeholders with confidence in model performance.

FAIRLY’s platform provides “translations” between tech and policy experts within organizations, allowing data scientists, audit, legal and ethics teams to build trustworthy AI together. FAIRLY helps operationalize responsible AI by:

  1. Improving governance, risk and compliance process using standards, guidelines and frameworks to create quantitative acceptance conditions and qualitative reporting requirements
  2. Connecting 95+ configurable controls for in-house and third-party vendor models to automate validation and evidence collection using no code/low code interfaces
  3. Generating compliance reports for different stakeholders with configurable report templates and workflow management via all-in-one report builder
  4. Measuring financial, legal, ethical and reputational risk, to create industry-leading explainability for AI risk monitoring
  5. Providing bias detection for datasets and models to track continuous improvements as required by GDPR
  6. Providing a sensitive feature escrow service for on-demand bias testing without direct access to sensitive data to ensure fair machine learning

FAIRLY automates model risk management to take on the volume, velocity and complexity of financial and ethical AI risk. Their solutions are designed for proactive AI governance, risk and compliance, and approved by data scientists, model validators, internal auditors, cognitive scientists, ethics and business leaders for financial and ethical risks management.

When asked about becoming a member, David Van Bruwaene, Founder and CEO of FAIRLY said, “FAIRLY is honored to be a member of the Responsible AI Institute’s community. As we continue to support organizations throughout their AI journey, creating an ecosystem to operationalize AI responsibly will help organizations scale efficiently as regulatory demands continue to grow. RAII’s global vision and engaged community complements FAIRLY’s mission of helping organizations bring safer AI models to market. We are excited to take this first step and look forward to expanding the impact of our work together.”

Aiding industry with AI governance, risk and compliance solutions to increase the deployment of safe and responsible AI is at the core of the RAI Institute’s mission. Our own assessments are part of our membership package to ease the transition for businesses to comply with new regulations. FAIRLY’s work helps this community further along in its responsible AI journey.

We are thrilled to have FAIRLY on board!

To learn more about RAI Institute membership, click here.

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