RAI Institute’s Executive Director- Ashley Casovan Elected to CEIMIA Board

The International Centre of Expertise in Montreal for Artificial Intelligence (CEIMIA) is a new, Montreal-based organization with an international scope. CEIMIA’s objective is to support Global Partnership in Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) expert groups in the development and implementation of applied responsible artificial intelligence projects, and to contribute to the development of competencies in responsible artificial intelligence.

To achieve these ambitions, CEIMIA has elected its first international board of directors. Composed of three international members, three national members, two members appointed by the governments of Canada and Quebec, and one seat reserved for an international organization.

RAI Institute’s Executive Director Ashley Casovan was selected as one of these pioneer board members who will support CEIMIA in its mission. Ashley’s fellow board members include:

  • Marc-Étienne Ouimette (Chair), Global Lead AI Policy (AWS) · Amazon
  • Philippe Beaudoin, Co-Founder and CEO · Waverly
  • John Hepburn, CEO and Scientific Director · MITACS
  • Lyse Langlois, Executive Director · OBVIA
  • Dewey Murdick, Director · Center for Security and Emerging Technology · Georgetown University
  • Jean-Philbert Nsengimana, Chief Digital Advisor · Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Marietje Schaake, International Policy Director · Cyber Policy Center / International Policy Fellow · The Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence
  • Sonia Sennik, Executive Director · Creative Destruction Lab
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