Responsible AI Institute Welcomes its Newest Member- Boston Consulting Group

Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute) is thrilled to welcome our newest member: Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

BCG is joining the RAI Institute community to lend their deep expertise in Responsible AI as well as share insights from their real world applications of responsible AI across several industries. With significant expertise and knowledge of AI adoption across a diverse set of verticals, BCG can help inform and advance responsible AI implementation guidance.

With an aim to help businesses adopt AI in a responsible manner, BCG looks forward to leveraging RAI Institute’s expertise, community, and assessments to help their clients achieve their business goals while mitigating the risks of AI adoption and preemptively addressing the repercussions that AI can have on individuals and society.

BCG’s AI and Software capabilities team, BCG X, is comprised of industry experts that work with clients to ensure they have the full range of capabilities to drive a company-wide transformation with their AI @ scale approach— to think big, start small, and grow fast. BCG is an established Artificial Intelligence Services Leader and was named a leader in AI service providers in Q4 2022 in The Forrester Wave™: AI Service Providers, Q4 2022.

In addition to joining the RAI Institute, BCG demonstrates leadership by publishing surveys and sharing expert insights that show the positive impact of a business’s responsible AI maturity. RAI Institute is a recognized leader in accelerating companies’ responsible AI development through the RAI Institute Certification program and BCG believes that, as the first independent accredited responsible AI certification, it is an important tool to ensure the safe development and adoption of AI.

“We are thrilled to have BCG join the RAI Institute community. BCG’s thought leadership and knowledge of AI use across finance, healthcare, and employment aligns with our current areas of focus. Their practical experience applying RAI will ensure that our efforts meet the needs of those designing, developing, and deploying AI systems.”

– Ashley Casovan, Executive Director

“AI presents really unique opportunities, but also unintended risks to both individuals and communities. At BCG, we have a duty to proactively ensure the responsible use of AI is core to our approach. Partnering with the RAI Institute is another way we are furthering that commitment. We are excited to collaborate with RAI to help organizations ensure that their AI systems promote individual and societal welfare.” – Steve Mills, Chief Ethics and AI Officer, BCG

BCG is joining a dedicated community of industry leaders who are actively shaping the responsible AI landscape and driving toward clear guidance and standards on responsible AI implementation.

About RAI Institute

The Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute) is a global and member-driven non-profit dedicated to enabling successful responsible AI efforts in organizations. RAI Institute’s conformity e assessments and certifications for AI systems support practitioners as they navigate the complex landscape of creating, selling or buying AI products.

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