The RAI Institute welcomes Simpplr as its newest member!

Simpplr understands that the digital workplace is growing and evolving. Designed to help companies with distributed and deskless workforces, its modern intranet revolutionizes the employee experience wherever and however they work.

With over 1 million active users, it’s the only platform that unifies employee engagement, enablement, and services, leveraging state-of-the-art AI models to deliver seamless, cohesive, and personalized employee experience.

The platform allows employees to gather in a virtual headquarters no matter where they are and easily integrates with popular systems such as SharePoint, Google, Slack, and Workday to ensure uninterrupted access to critical information, With independently audited security and data privacy, Simpplr helps companies protect sensitive organizational data. Simpplr uses advanced generative AI, including large language models and a virtual assistant, to enhance content creation and enable effective information retrieval. With a knowledge graph utilizing employee data and auto-classification for automation, Simpplr ensures personalized experiences, timely insights, and efficient data processing.

Simpplr walks the walk as one of BuiltIn’s 2023 Best Places to Work, Forbes’ 2023 Best Startup Employers, and Forrester Wave’s 2022 Intranet Platform Leaders.

“We’re thrilled about the potential of AI, especially recent breakthroughs in large language models enabling us to serve our users and customers. With advanced AI technologies, we see the opportunity to expand and extend our platform to help employees find the right information, answers to their questions, synthesize their inferred feedback, and last but not least—deliver delightful, engaging experiences,” said Parag Kulkarni, Chief Technology Officer at Simpplr. “The decision to join the Responsible AI Institute’s global movement was an easy one, as it aligns with our commitment to empower responsible AI efforts that positively impact employees, workplaces, and society at large.”

Simpplr’s AI is multifaceted and human-centric. It creates personalized content through multi-modal neural encoding, collaborative filtering, and deep-learning recommendations, The platform enables companies to improve decision-making through natural language processing, aspect-based sentiment analysis, and network analysis. It can also automate administrative tasks through predictive and prescriptive analytics, automatic video transcription, and a trademarked auto-governance engine.

“The RAI Institute echoes Simpplr’s slogan: ‘When life is good, work is better.’ This philosophy rests at the heart of responsible AI and aligns with our efforts to ensure that automated systems allow more room for joy and alleviate the burden of mundane or irrelevant information. We are thrilled to partner with Simpplr and achieve the work-life balance we all deserve, said Alyssa Lefaivre Škopac, Acting Executive Director, RAI Institute

About The RAI Institute

The Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute) is a global and member-driven non-profit dedicated to enabling successful responsible AI efforts in organizations. The RAI Institute’s conformity assessments and certifications for AI systems support practitioners as they navigate the complex landscape of AI products.

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