We Are Excited to Announce Our Newest Member: CareRev!

Welcome to our newest member: CareRev!

CareRev is a technology platform empowering healthcare professionals to take control of their careers and facilities to meet their staffing needs all in one place. CareRev’s modern platform offers healthcare professionals the freedom to choose how and when they work, tools and training to develop their careers, and personalized growth opportunities.

CareRev’s products and services:

  1. Empower healthcare professionals the freedom to set their schedule at facilities of their choice.
  2. Allows members to chart their own financial future with no contracts or long-term commitments.
  3. Connects registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, medical assistants, and surgical and radiologic technologists with local healthcare facilities for flexible shifts.

Every day, CareRev provides facilities and clinicians with staffing solutions that help them adapt to constantly changing demands while providing the best care for their patients.

Today, CareRev’s rapidly growing team consists of nursing leaders, engineers, customer advocates, talent managers, and designers, all working to create a more flexible and efficient workforce in healthcare. They are committed to making decisions based on healthcare professionals’ and health system operators’ problems and delivering bold solutions to address their needs. The CareRev team ensures the best outcome for their customers by learning and growing with data-driven debates and multiple perspectives. CareRev’s dedication to its mission continues to earn the trust of its teammates, professionals, and stakeholders.

Putting human problems front and center to come up with robust decisions is a key to The Responsible AI Institute’s endeavors. We are inspired by CareRev’s commitment and are excited to work with their team to build a better responsible AI future together.

To learn more about RAI Institute membership, visit https://www.responsible.ai/become-a-member

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