Welcome SeekOut!- Responsible AI Institute’s Newest Member

We are excited to announce our newest member: SeekOut!

SeekOut brings talent acquisition, talent management, and talent analytics into one unified platform. Its core mission is to enable employers to grow the talent they have and find the talent they need.

SeekOut’s Human-Driven, AI-Assisted data and intelligence engine brings together data from external sources and customer HRIS systems to surface actionable insights in seconds. Its Talent 360 Platform:

1. Automatically pulls data from internal and external sources, providing insights that drive reskilling, redeployment, and recruiting opportunities.

2. Places humans at the center of decisions while using AI-Assisted insights as a catalyst for opportunities.

3. Prioritizes responsible AI in HR and recruiting processes by mitigating bias and ensuring human judgment is augmented and not replaced by algorithms.

4. Provides critical insights around diversity within the talent pipeline, and helps reduce unconscious bias and find historically underrepresented candidates.

5. Surfaces comprehensive talent insights to connect people to opportunities and allows employees to chart their own career paths in a self-service talent marketplace.

Responsible use of AI and legal compliance are top priorities for SeekOut. SeekOut’s software platform and corporate policies & procedures are compliant with global standards and trusted by many Fortune 500 enterprises.

“SeekOut’s human-driven AI governance program is a critical component of our compliance and bias-reduction frameworks,” said Sam Shaddox, VP and Head of Legal at SeekOut. “We are dedicated to ensuring ethical use of artificial intelligence in HR solutions—becoming part of the Responsible AI Institute community is an important opportunity for us to share industry best practices and learn from other like-minded organizations.”

Addressing unconscious bias in the hiring process is a major focus of our work at the RAI Institute. Our Automated Employment Expert Working Group’s priority is to identify new ways to tackle these and other AI-based hiring issues. SeekOut’s emphasis on identifying and mitigating these risks in talent data make them the ideal RAI Institute member. We are thrilled to have them share their expertise on these matters with our community to build a responsible AI future together.

To learn more about RAI Institute membership, click here.

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