Pandata Joins the RAI Institute as its Newest Member

The RAI Institute is thrilled to welcome Pandata as its newest member!

Pandata is a data science consultancy with expertise in designing and building AI solutions for high-risk and heavily regulated industries.Their experienced consultants prioritize safety, fairness, and explainability, ensuring that their AI implementations lead to meaningful and responsible business transformations. Pandata offers end-to-end support throughout the AI development process, from initial design and discovery to deployment, management, and ongoing optimization. By focusing on ethical AI practices, Pandata helps clients navigate the complexities of integrating AI technologies while maintaining compliance, mitigating potential risks and maximizing positive outcomes.

They have worked with a wide array of clients like First Energy, University Hospitals, Penn State University, Hyland Software, Parker Hannifin and Cleveland Museum of Art. Pandata CEO and AI Strategist Cal Al-Dhubaib has been recognized as a Crain’s Notable: Tech Executive (’22), Entrepreneur (’21), Immigrant (’20).

“Joining RAI is a natural fit for Pandata, as we share the vision of moving beyond theory and diving into the practical aspects of responsible AI. We have seen the obstacles facing data science teams tasked with implementing ethical AI without concrete standards. This partnership will help us translate actionable frameworks for our clients building AI solutions where the stakes are high. RAI is building a winning team that walk the talk and I couldn’t be more thrilled for us to join them” – Cal Al-Dhubaib, Founder & CEO

The RAI Institute’s mission is reflected in Pandata’s core values of approachability, teamwork, curiosity, growth, and trust. We agree on a proactive, strategy-first approach to responsible AI that complements the iterative nature of designing complex, high-risk systems. Most importantly, we agree that optimizing the fairness, privacy, explainability, and transparency of AI also optimizes its competitive advantage.

“The Responsible AI Institute is thrilled to have Pandata join our member community. Their commitment to responsible and trusted AI has been core to the clients they serve and the products they build. We are excited to learn from their experience, passionate team and deep subject matter expertise as we can continue to build practical solutions that benefit AI practitioners.” – Ashley Casovan, Executive Director

Pandata is looking to the future of responsible AI and ensuring that businesses both big and small can harness the power of data. The RAI Institute is fortunate to count Pandata among its members.

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