RAI Institute Welcomes New Members: IBM, ATB Financial, and Armilla AI

AUSTIN, Texas, February 9, 2022 (Newswire.com) – Responsible AI Institute welcomes three new corporate members: IBM, ATB Financial, and Armilla AI. The new globally-recognized member organizations offer a wealth of knowledge, products, and services that are rapidly changing and transforming our world. Recognizing the contributions of RAII, these corporate leaders will help to define and advance the important and necessary adoption of responsible AI within their industries.


“Responsible AI isn’t just good for society. Making AI systems more transparent and accountable means making them work better, and that’s good for business,” says Seth Dobrin, Global Chief AI Officer, IBM. “At IBM, we have a long-standing commitment to building trustworthy technologies, and we’re looking forward to working with the Responsible AI Institute and its members to make responsible AI the norm, not the exception.”

ATB Financial

“At ATB, everything we do begins and ends with our clients in mind and using AI responsibly for the betterment of our clients is foundational to this,” says Dan Semmens, Head of Data & Artificial Intelligence, ATB Financial. “We feel privileged to be a member of the RAI community, and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate as we work to advance ethical AI across the globe.”

Armilla AI

“Part of Armilla AI’s success in designing the world’s most comprehensive platform for Responsible AI governance, validation, and monitoring depends on an ongoing collaboration with independent subject matter experts to develop best practices and trusted assessment frameworks,” says Armilla AI’s founder Karthik Ramakrishnan. “We are thrilled to be joining the Responsible AI Institute as members, and look forward to supporting its mission to develop practical AI governance tools and resources.”

In addition to becoming new members, ATB was recognized as a Responsible AI Institute Corporate Leader for their real-life contributions towards the development of tangible AI Governance tools. The Responsible AI Awards program acknowledges global technology innovators, leaders, and visionaries who are pioneering and adopting responsible application of AI that supports RAII’s vision and mission. Awards were based on a variety of considerations, including innovation, design, and overall technological advancement aimed at bringing transparency, fairness, and robustness to the hidden decision processing layers within algorithmic decisioning systems. A full list of RAII Award winners can be found here.

About Responsible AI Institute

Responsible AI Institute (RAII) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on community-driven development of tangible governance tools and services that advance responsible AI from principles to practice.

Visit www.responsible.ai for more information and to join our efforts.

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